sea wall repair protects seaside cottage home

An old rip-rap sea wall had deteriorated and partially collapsed, threatening the cottage behind it. LARK Studio determined the cause of the collapse, drew up plans for rebuilding the wall,  shepherded the project through the regulatory process, and coordinated the new installation.


Bioengineered shoreline stabilization for permit 

The shoreline of this property consisted of approximately 300 linear feet of a steep bluff which had been severely undercut by wave action. Existing mature trees had fallen, and soil loss was beginning to threaten the septic leach field. LARK Studio designed a stabilization solution using large boulders, erosion-control matting, and native plants to mimic the naturally stable shorelines occurring elsewhere in the area. When the vegetation matures, the repaired areas will blend with the untouched coast. LARK has completed the permit process for this project, and construction will begin in the spring of 2017.

preserving vegetation for environmental growth

An existing boathouse at the head of a small cove was surrounded with a mature spruce forest and lush growth of native groundcovers. Groundwater from a small spring located just uphill of the boathouse had destabilized soil under the vegetation above the high tide line, and wave action was eroding the shoreline. Large mats of otherwise healthy bunchberry and fern had been undercut and hung loosely over the eroded areas. Limited access through the mature forest lining the shore and a small area of emergent vegetation complicated the installation. LARK Studio created a site-specific repair process, preserving the lush and healthy groundcovers and delicately inserting repair structures into the bank.  LARK worked with an wetland scientist on the environmental permits for the project, and construction will begin in the spring of 2017.