LARK Presents Cottage Street Design to Town Council, Awarded Main Street

LARK Studio (in collaboration with Kalback Design) presented the second draft of the Cottage Street Streetscape Design to Town Council after getting feed back from the March 2017 Public Presentation. The Bar Harbor Town Council made a motion to accept the design and for the Town Manager to formally propose funding tactics for the project. The motion was approved, as was LARK Studio's proposal for the re-design of lower Main Street! The Cottage Street effort and the added portion of Main Street will be considered the 'Downtown Streetscape Design'.  

Let's keep the momentum going: be sure to check out and share the (semi-) final Cottage Street Streetscape Design concepts that were presented at the meeting.  We look forward to working on Main Street next! 

Click to download the July 17, 2017 Town Council Meeting Presentation and Annotated Presentation

Be sure to visit Bar Harbor Municipal Building to view the design concepts, or click to download here:

Cottage Street Streetscape Design Draft II 
Cottage Street Amenities & Materials Guidelines