blueberry FIELDS AND ferns frame elegant estate

This seasonal home is located on a small peninsula in Maine, surrounded by meadows and plenty of sunny exposure. Modern paving stones and a large bluestone terrace define the main entrance. Elegant ornamental plant material is balanced with a blended use of native perennials, trees, ferns and groundcovers

The wealth of lush planting material provides a spectacular range of color and texture during the spring, summer and fall seasons.

Photography by Brian Cattelle. 


texture, pattern, color: a modern home masterplan

A vibrant modern home residing on the coast of Maine sings notes of both whimsy and charm. Burnt sienna walls and rich wooden clapboards wrap around the home to create a unique but warm setting.  The home is harmonized by modern accents, smooth round river stones and a triumphantly bold walk that announces the entryway. The landscape celebrates the traditional aspects of the architecture with an orchestra of plant material. Perennials and woody groundcover add year round color, texture and pattern to this Maine estate.   


THE mondrian inspired landscape

An intimate courtyard adjacent to a subtle slope is showcased in this Mondrian inspired landscape. A grid of vertical and horizontal lines define the hardscape, while vibrant swaths of color paint the softscape. Hardy perennials provide color and texture throughout the year, while withstanding a harsh seaside climate.

The mottled bark and flowers of a Stewartia tree serves as the focal point when approaching the home. A mix of evergreen Rhododendrons and multi-stem river birches provide screening, and serve as the backdrop for blueberry, huckleberry, ferns, and grasses that retain the slope and enclose the courtyard space. 



Complex landscapes call for complex site designs. A newly constructed waterfront retreat resides atop a steep slope. Access, erosion control and screening utilities all proved to be the challenge for this project. LARK Studio provided a landscape design and grading solutions for this site, as well a detailed planting plan.