Urban Design and Planning


LARK Studio provides urban design and planning services to blend built environment professions, including landscape architecture, architecture, urban planning and civil engineering, into a smooth, cohesive design process for our clients. From concept to completion, LARK Studio supplies the connection between people and places, urban form and nature. Exercising place making, and economic and environmental stewardship, our team facilities the foundation for creative, successful and highly functional spaces.
Our award winning professionals bring visions into life. 



Previously serving as a brick lined alley between two large buildings in an urban setting, this corridor was redesigned as part of a larger urban development rejuvenation project. LARK Studio designed a more modern and accommodating space that links the site to its larger context. 

Softening the alley with a green buffer between building and pedestrian space, repeating stone-sculptural elements found in an adjacent park, and providing much needed seating for the lunch crowds are just a few of the design elements in featured in this urban park.


Bar Harbor, Maine is a prominent town on Mount Desert Island and neighbor to Acadia National Park. With more than 2.5 million annual visitors, and over 100 cruise ships carrying 160,000 passengers to Bar Harbor annually, Cottage Street in Bar Harbor hosts an immense quantity of foot and vehicular traffic.

LARK Studio was commissioned in fall of 2016 by the Town of Bar Harbor to redesign the streetscape. Balancing the crucial need for parking, sidewalks, crosswalks and the lack of street trees, lighting and street furniture, LARK Studio is working with town and business stakeholders to help incorporate their desires into the streetscape. The project is in conjunction with Kalback Design (Renderings by Andy Kalback).. 


A bustling city corner is the setting for a vibrant, colorful plaza design by LARK Studio. 

The park design is modern, energetic, and accommodates space suitable for festivals, markets, and passive recreation. The park will utilize materials with respect to historical surroundings. A café will function as both a sculptural element while helping activate the space.

Construction is set for spring of 2019.

the jackson laboratory |
ellsworth, MAINE campus 

The Jackson Laboratory is a biomedical research institution and  international hub for scientific research, training, and education. 

LARK Studio teamed with EYP Architects to provide expert guidance transforming a vacant Lowe’s Home Improvement Center into a world class mouse facility and campus. LARK provided temporary and permanent plazas, security solutions, improved traffic design, and stormwater management. The highlight of the design is a naturalized stream set within the rigid geometry of the surrounding hardscape, serving as both a stormwater and aesthetic feature.

Renderings by EYP Architecture and Engineering.