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Located in Bar Harbor, Maine, LARK Studio is a young firm with an incredible amount of experience.

small firm. big impact.

In the Spring of 2015, Principals Robert Krieg and Mike Rogers founded LARK Studio on the belief that great design is achieved through positive collaboration. Exercising open communication and innovative design solutions, the associates of LARK Studio administer superior creative development, efficiency and most importantly, an exceptional finished product. 

From urban planning and commercial development, to estate master plans and grass root community projects, LARK Studio provides a wide range of professional services in Maine and throughout New England. 





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LARK Studio provides a wide range of professional services throughout Maine and the greater New England Region.



LARK Studio provides urban design and planning services to blend built environment professions, including landscape architecture, architecture, urban planning and civil engineering, into a smooth, cohesive design process for our clients. From concept to completion, LARK Studio supplies the connection between people and places, urban form and nature. Exercising place making, and economic and environmental stewardship, our team facilities the foundation for creative, successful and highly functional spaces. Our award winning professionals bring visions into life. 





Creating masterfully sophisticated spaces for estates, seasonal and year round residences alike, is one of LARK Studio's areas of expertise. LARK provides design services from the conceptual planning and master planning stage, to site plans, grading and drainage plans, to details and construction administration. From the very traditional to the most contemporary of spaces, LARK draws upon clues from the environment to create spaces that fit the larger context of design. Our team uses a comprehensive knowledge of materials and an extensive design palette to build spaces that are unique, imaginative colorful and creative.



The greater New England region has long been celebrated for its diversity of natural resources enjoyed in the form of forests, mountains, valleys, rivers, lakes, and coastline. LARK Studio is proud to provide landscape architectural services for the access and enjoyment of these outdoor recreational spaces. We help our clients conceptualize and economize the best use of open space whether it be for educational experiences, recreation, conservation spaces or park facilities. With one of the nation’s most highly renowned National Parks in our backyard, LARK Studio is privy to designing at federal and state standards. LARK’s team has implemented design services for Acadia National Park as well as various other federal and state sites in Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont and New York. 




Navigating the stringent and complex areas of state, federal and local environmental regulations can seem a daunting process for any individual.  LARK Studio has teamed up to provide specialized services and consultation for site sustainability, natural resource management, shoreline and wetland permitting, storm water management, geographic information services, and visual assessment services. 

LARK Studio provides a proficient understanding of regulatory processes and documentation requirements for environmental projects of all sizes. Our strategic approach assists clients to successfully acquire environmental permits, and build projects that are not just compliant, but  that protect our environment, waters and wildlife too.